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Nijat from Jahanum Course

In Nijat from Jahanum We Teach Surah Azkar of Morning and Evening, Bayaan of Sabir, Muslims Hakooq, Bayaan for Ghibat and Neighbour's Hakooq. You will be very happy to know that we have male teacher for your son and female teacher for you daughter. We give three day free demo classes for your satisfaction.

Course Outlines

It is not permissible for anyone to intentionally change any letter of this Holy Revelation. Mostly we start to think we can’t correct it before even trying to study it. This is a mistake that is a sin. So you should strive to learn Tajweed rules for perfect recitation and should strive to study the correct pronunciations from qualified Quran Teachers. Thus we should learn Tajweed rules to recite correctly and should not despair or give up. And ALLAH is the best source of strength.

  • ✓ The recitation of the whole Quran
  • ✓ Examination on completion of every chapter
  • ✓ Daily Prayer Duas in Arabic with English and Urdu translation
  • ✓ Iman-e-mufsal and Iman-e-mujamal
  • ✓ Six Kalmas of Islam
Learn Quran

Family Discount Package:

We know that families often have to make sacrifices to afford the tuition fees. We have made our Fee Package as affordable as possible. The fee is accepted via credit, debit cards, or PayPal.

20% discount for 2nd student of a family.

30% discount for 3rd student of a family.

We Provide!

Experirnce Teacher's

Course Duration 1.5 Year's

Affordable Fee

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