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Imran Ali

CEO & Founder

Alhumdullah 17 year of Teaching Experince and praying Taraweeh since 20 years.We have Many Teachers in our academy but i personally focus on every students and i can teach hifz Quran,Quran With Tajweed,Tafseer of Quran,Qiada,Nazra,Namz Book and Masnoon Dua. Each of our students will learn from a live Online Quran Teacher individually. The tutors are fully cooperative and they can teach you at your convenience. Hiring a scholar is easy for everyone now. For advanced Quran learning like Tafseer, you need to learn from a scholar tutor. We have experienced Aalim e deen tutor and accessing them is also easy.

My Skills

Command Over the Subject
Excellent Communications
Polite and Patient
Trained and Expert in Teaching

We have the following procedures for the Quran teachers:

  1. Must be a graduate from a recognized university/institute.
  2. Must be a Hafiz, Qari, Alim and have a profound knowledge of Tajweed.
  3. Must undergone training, integrated Quran teaching pedagogies conducted by Noor Ul Quran
  4. Must have Quran Teaching Methodologies/Skill.
  5. Good-nature and friendly.