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Graduate from a recognized university/institute.

Hafiz, Qari, Alim and have a profound knowledge of Tajweed.

Have Quran Teaching Methodologies/Skill.


The At Noor Ul Quran Institute, our qualified Quran tutors hold degrees in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. They have long experience in online Quran classes for kids & adults. We also have both Female & Male Quran teachers to teach Muslims of both genders.

Online teaching of Quran became very popular recently. Many platforms offer tens of teachers to help you learn Quran online. Yet, are they all professional and capable to teach Quran?! As same as any other field, there are levels of knowledge and skills which distinguishes one teacher from another.

There are some features that you should be looking for to get the best Quran teacher:

  1. Hafiz Quran
  2. Certified Quran teacher with Ijazah
  3. Native Arab teacher
  4. Long years of experience
  5. Good rate of reviews by students
  6. Graduated from an Islamic university

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